Vision 2030

Regions and top organizations to help you get funded. My team will help you make the best decisions regarding your future.

Saudi Arabia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has been significantly growing over the past five years...

Support organizations are located in Saudi Arabia’s four major cities:

  1. Riyadh (54 percent)
  2. Jeddah (29 percent)
  3. Eastern province (10 percent)
  4. Makkah and Thuwal (8 percent)

Organizations by type:

  1. Funding organizations (30 percent),
  2. Events (17 percent),
  3. Business support (15 percent)
  4. Incubators and accelerators (14 percent)
  5. University / Technology parks (12 percent)
  6. Coworking / Fab Labs (12 percent).

SME Coaching & Global Business Acquisitions

SME Coaching & Global Business Acquisitions

Walk you step by step in the process of choosing the right funding agency for you. Prepare you for the initial interview, follow-up interview, and company evaluation. Assist in the preparation of your business plan, feasibility study, and SOP. Identify global partners who fit your methodology, your ethical and sustainability goals, build and maintain a working relationship with the potential global client, create a partnership for market entry. Provide on-going operational support and business management consulting.

First Class Consulting

Providing support to Universities, private-sector organizations, and individuals who studied abroad in preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs by organizing events and establishing informational workshops.


(FDH) Foster. Develop. Hone

Utilizing a broad network and personnel ATS (Applicant Tracking System) prospective entre[reneurs can now train and develop their knowledge much faster and more efficient. Universities will partner with the startups developed through the F.D.H. program and offer apprenticeship and internship programs to promote sustainable success in Saudi entrepreneurship further. These Startups will in return create a more productive and efficient Human Resource process to procure, retain employees, and focus on building a competitive incentivized plan for employees.