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Above The Standard (ATS)


We deliver results by partnering and supporting the core competencies and uniqueness of each of our clients. Each solution is customized through our cutting-edge global services, proprietary training, and global expert team.

Main Solution Areas include:

  • Cost reduction and Profit Increase
  • Business Development, Marketing, and Distribution
  • Best Value Implementation and Improved Efficiency
  • Development and Delivery of Sustainable Best Practices
  • Profitability Growth Methods
  • Revenue Increase Solutions
  • Team Unifying Practices

Above the Standard’s proven 30+ year track record has helped organizations increase profits in the tens of billions of dollars all over the globe, at an average of 28.2% increase, 98% of the time for our engaged clients. Our global network includes more than a thousand partner suppliers, tenured experts, strategic partners, and representation in many nations. We have had the privilege to work in industries including Non-profit, Government, private, public, commercial, Universities, and much more.

Above The Standard

Dynamic Solutions Institute

To understand the needs of our clients of the public and private sector. To provide developmentsystems that will enhance and retain personnel; delivering extraordinary support and service that assist in meeting and exceed goals outlined in the 2030 Vision.


Global Solutions in Management

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B&R Global Business Management

B&R Global Business Management dispatches vetted professionals and educators from various industries including International Business, Finance, Information Technology, English Language for Specific Purposes, Health-care, Insurance, Oil & Gas and Heavy Equipment. Our team of business professionals and educators have worked in large, medium, and small-scale organizations along with educating at universities in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

We provide business & sales campaign management, product sales & training, market penetration, client training, onboarding services, small business organizational support, payroll management, accounting & tax services, and Information Technology.

Al-Jisr Education Ally, LLC

Al-Jisr is the education management branch of the PEO- Professional Employment Organization B&R Global Business Management. Together, these organizations look to provide full-scale education and business solutions and provide superb service to our clients domestically and internationally.

I see to the growth and procurement of resources and international opportunities. We work through Joint Venture projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or direct contractual hiring. In this role, I help to develop SME's organizations by providing procurement expertise and client management.

For our small projects that involve English Language acquisition, I instruct courses focusing on English for Specific Purposes or work directly with an organization as an Instructor.

Al-Jisr Edu Ally 1