Jarrett J. Risher

A wealth of information. I live and breath it. I can't get enough of what the world has to offer of it. I love learning new things and teaching about it.

An innovator and pioneer. I have yet to invent anything groundbreaking, but seeing many of my ideas manifest through others. shows I am on the wave length of successful inventors or developers increases my desire to work with those who are on the same path and are also pioneering and innovative.

  • Global Procurement Specialist
  • Business Management/Coach- Start-ups & Entrprenuers.
  • (IADC) HSE Certified Safety Trainer.
  • English for Specific PurposesTrainer / Instructor
  • e-Learning Specialist- LMS,TMS

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The Future is Now?


A communicator and listener. My biggest strength as an educator and trainer is my ability to listen, interpret and configure the learner's issue into a positive and solution.

Technologically awestruct. The future is filled with tech, and I love every bit of it. I read about it and buy whatever can make my daily forflow more efficient. Eventually I plan to own a tech firm and focus on solving many of the pressing issues everyday people face and have struggles overcoming.

A father, husband, son, brother, trusted friend. Most people are judged on their ability to hold a job long-term, but I pride myself on the longevity of my marriage, the ever-improving relationship with my parents, approval of my children over the decisions I make that eventually impact thier lives, and the length of friendship I have held with friends whom I have known for the majority of my life.

A Faithful Servant. I hold belief in a Supreme Being vey dear and over my existence. Because of my growing relationship with that being, I am able to be a better human and show respect for others no matter their beleif and life choice. Kindness and respect reveals the true nature of a human, without either how can a person truly experience life? This is my take and how I rever the creator. Without wearing it on my sleeve, faith and practice is woven into the very aspect of my character.

My Promise

My Passion is to Succeed

  • To never give less effort that what is needed.
  • To never give up on you or our plan.
  • To do whatever is needed to complete the task or job.
  • To critically think on how to best solve your problem.
  • To use all the resources availble at my disposal.

What Others Have to Say About Jarrett

I have built a long career beginning in high school, through my years at University, to my corporate career and on to my current endeavors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I was raised well and it is seen in my personal and professional characteristics. I strive to be great and that starts and ends with the relationships I've maintained and the impressions I have left on others.

Salman F. Al-Hulaili

I had the honor and the privilege to be one of Mr. Risher’s students. I have taken with him a 3 months training course related to Banking and Finance; sponsored by Saudi British Bank (SABB). During the length of the course I found Mr. Risher very knowledgeable, well-educated and intelligent. Mr. Risher always maintains a very high quality of work with outstanding teaching skills. His enthusiasm , positive attitude and kindness enabled him to connect with his students easily and effectively.

Above all Mr. Risher professional qualities, the quality that I admire the most in Mr. Risher is that he is a great human being. Mr. Risher is a very friendly person and always willing to help. I enjoyed being a student of Mr. Risher.

I am without a doubt that Mr. Risher will be a very valuable asset for any organization that he chooses to work for. I wish him the very best and success in his future endeavors.

M/LWD Field Engineer at Schlumberger

Joe Young

Had the pleasure of working along side Jarrett as a Samsung Experience Consultant. He came in during a rough time,but had enough of an influence and drive to increase sales. All the while building and improving employee relationships through hands on interaction with those that he worked with. He always showed concern for any task or project he was given and made sure to complete it to the best of his ability. Jarrett always made sure those that he worked around were fulfilling their potential, be it through setting an example or showing concern for any notions they might have had.

Software Engineer


Jessica Zubialdea

  • Focused
  • Personable
  • Results-driven.

Jarrett embodies this ever since I've known him as a fellow classmate. He exemplifies poise and dedication to his work and is always willing to take part in improving his community. As a family man and contributor to the business world, he puts his heart and soul to the tasks at hand and resolves obstacles with perseverance.

With the upmost respect for him, I definitely recommend Mr. Risher to any employer and I have full confidence he'd be an integral part of the team.

Office Manager/Receptionist at Nielson

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